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Established in 1974 as CONTACT Wilmington, ContactLifeline, Inc., a private 501(c)(3) non-profit agency has served the Delaware community for over forty years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep people alive and safe, to help them through crises, and to connect them with relevant community resources. ContactLifeline strives to provide the highest quality telephone counseling, crisis intervention, information and referral, education and prevention services for persons in crisis and for persons in need of listening services.  Additionally, ContactLifeline provides comprehensive statewide services to victims of sexual assault and secondary victims of sexual assault.  ContactLifeline crisis responder services are provided by professionally trained and supervised volunteers and professionals who respond anonymously and confidentially to human needs, state-wide, 24 hours a day. 

Our Values

We are committed to meeting human needs and fostering wholeness, independence, and happiness, placing the highest value on integrity, objectivity and performance of services.

We strive to help clients and volunteers realize their human potential, self-worth and inner resources to resolve issues affecting their well-being.

We are responsible to maintain the highest standards of competence in the interest of the public and those we serve.

We respect the social and moral codes of our community and the principles of caring love, peace, inclusiveness and social justice.

We affirm the dignity and self-worth of our clients, volunteers and staff. We promote an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, honesty, compassion and open communication.

We respect the anonymity of our callers and volunteers as well as the confidentiality of caller issues shared with us, with the exception of serious threat to human life. 

We perform our services in an atmosphere free of any ideological, political, sectarian or theological pressures.

We believe in listening to our community’s concerns and respond with programmatic initiatives that are compatible with our mission.



Jackie B. Cousin, Ed.D.

Executive Director