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Volunteer Winston Churchill once said” You make a living by what you get.  You make a life by what you give.” Those volunteering with ContactLifeline, Inc. know this to be true.  Whether responding to the hospital to sit with a victim of a horrendous assault, or listening thoughtfully to a person on the phone who needs help getting through a crisis, caring and love are put into motion.  Our volunteers receive extensive training before they join a team of listeners and advocates. Tthey are able to feel confident in their ability to respond in a crisis situation.   They gain much in return from the gratitude of the people that are served.  If this sounds like something you would like to know more about, please contact Jane Gibbs at 302-761-9800 ex. 1002, email her at jgibbs@contactlifeline.org. or fill out an application by hitting the tab and one of the trainers will contact you directly. After all, “The gift of time is priceless”. To access our Volunteer Training page, click here: Volunteer Training.

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    Realizing that confidentiality is the cornerstone of the ContactLifeline program, I agree to keep any and all information that comes to me during training in the strictest of confidence. I agree that I may be asked by the Program Director to withdraw from classes at any time. I also agree that in the event of my withdrawal or resignation, I will keep confidential all information related to the work of ContactLifeline.